The opening for Friends of the Arts grant recipient Misty Long’s B.F.A. show, disPLAY, will be held 3—7 p.m. Tuesday, May 7, at University Galleries.

Long will be holding an interactive event where participants will play with glass games created by the artist. Long used the grant to help obtain materials for the installation.

“This is one of the few interactive shows being offered at the galleries,” said Professor John Miller, who heads Illinois State’s studio glass program.

The purpose of Long’s show was explained in her request for Friends of the Arts support:

Forget that it is art; get caught up in the playing of a game and become comfortable with glass. The event is meant to transform the conception of glass as a dangerous, for display only material and push attendees toward an acceptance of glass through hands-on interaction.

“Some things that influence my work are humor, comedians, embarrassing and personal topics,” said Long, a senior who is pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a minor in art history. “I want to push people out of their comfort zone and challenge what they have previously come to accept.”

Long’s show will run from May 7–11.