Cultural and linguistic diversity is the topic of the next issue of the College of Education’s annual magazine, Statewide Standard.

The transformation of our globalized nation is increasingly apparent in our public schools. At no other time in our nation’s history has the student population in public schools been as diverse in terms of race, culture, language, economic class, and range of ability.

Data from the Current Condition of Education 2012 indicate significant demographic changes in the nearly 55 million students enrolled in public schools today and an increase in the prevalence of diversity is expected to continue.

Given the changing demographics and the context of increasing globalization within public schools, educator preparation programs are now re-examining how they teach future educators to be responsive to the learning characteristics of culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students.

In this issue of the Statewide Standard, we will shine a light on the institution’s work in this area and the work of its dedicated alumni who are serving the needs of the growing population of diverse learners in our nation’s public schools. Watch your May alumni e-newsletter for more stories from the Statewide Standard and to download a PDF of the full issue!