Yesterday may have been the last day of the semester, but at CTLT it felt more like “ramping up” than “winding down.” This place was jumping!!

  • In the Instructional Resource Commons, more than 25 early-career faculty members enjoyed each other’s’ company over lunch from Noodles. The meal was followed by some great “food for thought” about enhancing productivity provided by consultant Meggin Mackintosh.
  • Meanwhile, in the classroom (103B), CTLT Coordinator Mayuko Nakamura and the Multicultural Teaching-Learning Community (TLC) were having a conversation about Claude Steele’s book, Whistling Vivaldi.
  • And in the computer lab (108), five members of a special “Design a Quality Online Course for Summer Session” were sharing their course design work with each other, their department chairs, their deans, and members of the Provost’s staff.

In other words, at one point yesterday we had about 45-50 people in the building, all thinking and talking about teaching and learning, and that doesn’t count CTLT staff!

In a supreme moment of serendipity, at almost the same time all of this was happening, the brand new CTLT website went live, and the Summer Institute LINK was distributed to our department contacts. This is the stuff a CTLT director’s dreams are made of.

While this was an unusual fall or spring semester day for CTLT, it wouldn’t be entirely unprecedented for that kind of activity level to be repeated more than once during the summer. Summer, of course, is our “busy season,” and we hope you’ll take advantage of one or more of the many professional development opportunities we have to offer during our 2013 Summer Institute for the 21st Century Educator. Visit My Illinois State to register. And of course, if you have ANY questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of our helpful CTLT staff. We’re available by phone (8-2542) or email!