Silent Sister is a photo exhibit highlighting the relationship between a graduate student and her younger sister, who has Rett syndrome. The exhibit runs through September 26 on the main floor of Milner Library.

Marissa Webb, an Illinois State University M.F.A. student, illustrates the story of her 20-year-old sister, Kaitlin, who has a neurological developmental disorder that affects language and communication abilities and eventually leads to developmental regression.

Webb’s work shows an intimate look at Kaitlin and her relationships with those closest to her, including her mother, sister, and her sister’s fiance. Through observation and documentation Webb seeks to understand her sister’s view of the world. She looks at how Kaitlin is viewed through the lens of public perception. Her work questions and explores ideas of consciousness, normalcy, and relationships, and the role of treasured objects in someone’s life.

The exhibition is sponsored by Milner Library and funded in part by Illinois State University’s Friends of the Arts. Contact Kathleen Lonbom at or (309) 438-3950 for more information on the exhibit.