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IT intern supports U.S. military operations

Ryan Dale, a Network & Telecommunications Management major at Illinois State University

Ryan Dale

Ryan Dale, a network and telecommunications management major, completed his professional practice/internship experience while deployed in the Navy as an information systems technician in support of Combined Special Operations Task Force-10.

Information systems technician duties include “designing, installing, operating and maintaining state-of-the-art information systems technology including local and wide area networks, mainframe, mini and microcomputer systems and associated peripheral devices.”

Dale’s supervisor commented, “Ryan Dale has been instrumental in the implementation, continuity, and overall success of our network. … (He) kept the network up during combat operations, which allowed soldiers to request any assets they required on the battlefield. … He excelled in everything we asked him to do and was a vital asset to Combined Special Operations Task Force-10.”

Dale currently remains on deployment and plans to complete his studies when he returns home.