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“I am Normal”: Campaign encourages students to be responsible citizens

Student and Community Outreach has created the “I am Normal” campaign to encourage students to be more engaged and responsible citizens of the community. After reviewing the following pledge with staff, they are given an “I am Normal” T-shirt and/or bag!

I am an Illinois State Student and I am a citizen of Normal. I pledge to

  • Respect my neighbors and recognize that not everyone who lives near campus is a college student.
  • Throw my garbage in a trash can or recycle bin.
  • Keep my upholstered furniture indoors.
  • Not pee outside.
  • Enjoy the amenities available in the town of Normal.
  • Play my music and keep my voice at a reasonable volume, especially late at night.
  • Engage in at least one student organization or activity.
  • Follow the town of Normal’s laws and the Illinois State Code of Student Conduct.
  • Take responsibility for my actions and accept the consequences.
  • Contact the Dean of Students Office with any concerns, comments, or questions.

The pledge serves to help students understand that they are not only Illinois State students, but that they are also citizens of Normal who must follow the town’s community standards. “The pledge is a humorous and lighthearted way of having students understand their role in the community,” Harriett Steinbach, coordinator of Student and Community Outreach, said. “It is a proactive way to put this message out there.” This campaign has received a positive response from both students and citizens. The pledge has been taken by more than 650 students so far.

This program is done in partnership with the town of Normal. To learn more about the campaign and upcoming events, contact Student and Community Outreach at (309) 438-5951.

Marie Huels was a contributor to this article.