This is the final story in a five-part series on the School of Biological Sciences’ trip to a Costa Rican rain forest. STATEside is along for the adventure as the students and professors of the Rain Forest Ecology class spend 10 days over the Thanksgiving break at La Selva Biological Station.

“In tropical forests, when quietly walking along the shady pathways, and admiring each successive view, I wished to find language to express my ideas. Epithet after epithet was found too weak to convey to those who have not visited the intertropical regions the sensation of delight which the mind experiences.” —Charles Darwin (1839), as quoted from the Rain Forest Ecology class’s textbook, A Neotropical Companion

With that in mind, STATEside is letting a gallery of photos from the first six days of the Rain Forest Ecology trip to Costa Rica tell the story of the experience at La Selva Biological Station. A special thank you is owed to the students and faculty who contributed their own photos to the gallery below (credit is given in the captions for photos not taken by STATEside).


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