Facilities Planning and Construction is pleased to announce revisions to its website, effective October 29. The new website is at Facilities.IllinoisState.edu/Facilities_Planning.

The objective was to simplify the site, make it more user-friendly, provide pertinent information and sources, and provide monthly updates on projects for the Illinois State University community. The website has been restructured into six sections:

Monthly project reports and information: This section includes a list of all projects being managed by Facilities Planning and Construction along with a project summary, the status of work, the approved budget, financial commitments to date and project schedule.

Service assistance requests: This section provides a means for the campus community to submit requests to Facilities Planning and Construction for assistance with planning a project, estimating the project’s cost, and other related activities.

Reference information: In this section, you will find links to a variety of informational materials such as the Master Plan, Gregory Street Land Use Plan, maps, and building information.

Prospective vendors: The University’s Design Guidelines are available in this section, along with other materials such as Building Information Modeling standards, and a description of the Quality Based Standards process.

Department and staff contact information: Contact information for Facilities Planning and Construction is found in this area.

Employment opportunities: In this section, announcements are made about employment opportunities in Facilities Planning and Construction, including student employment and graduate assistantships.

We encourage you to check out the new website and send feedback to facilitiesplanningandconstruction@ilstu.edu.