Sam Peters came to Illinois State as a transfer student. In the two years since his arrival, he has maximized his college experience because of financial assistance received through a scholarship.

Now a senior close to completing a business education degree as well as English certification, Peters envisions himself as a high school teacher. He knows his ISU experiences have prepared him for the leadership role as an educator.

“I love it and don’t see myself doing anything else,” he said of his career choice. He’s equally enthusiastic about Illinois State, where he has taken on the responsibility of working as a Resident Assistant in Hewett Hall.

“I like being that person who students come to when they have questions,” Peters said. He’s also grateful for the income, as his parents covered the first two years of his degree and the remainder is his responsibility. It’s for that reason Peters is incredibly appreciative for the scholarship that offsets tuition expenses.

“It relieves a lot of stress to know that is extra money that I don’t have to pay back later,” he said. The support also creates more motivation to work harder in the classroom.

Because of the financial help, Peters can take on even more as a student, including holding a spot on the Redbird cheerleading squad. The opportunity has filled his ISU days with many amazing memories, especially traveling with the teams.

“I just love being out in front of the fans and being able to attend the sporting events,” Peters said, expressing a Redbird pride and gratitude that defines his days as an ISU undergraduate.