Did you know the average 20-ounce bottled soft drink contains 17 teaspoons of sugar? That’s the same amount that you would find in 150 M&M’s.

In celebration of National Nutrition Month in March, Campus Dining Services will encourage students to consider their beverage choices through a “Rethink Your Drink” campaign.  The goals of the campaign are to educate students about the health effects of drinking too many beverages with added sugar, such as soft drinks, energy drinks, and fruit drinks, and to inform students about the benefits of drinking more water or low-fat milk.

Throughout the month Campus Dining Services will hand out educational materials and post information in the dining centers about beverage choices as well as other nutrition tips.

The “Rethink Your Drink” campaign was founded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2011. Visit the CDC’s website to learn more about the amount of sugar in different types of beverages.