Illinois State students did some amazing things during spring break this month, and thanks to a social media contest you can see for yourself all that they did.

Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is a weeklong service opportunity in which participants travel across the country to help meet needs in various communities. It’s offered through the Leadership and Service unit in the Dean of Students Office.

This spring, more than 190 students (including 35 trip and bus leaders) traveled by bus to five separate destinations, each with a different social issue to address. This year, the five buses competed against each other in the Go For The Gold contest, in which students used a specific hashtag assigned to their bus to see who could share the most positive photos, tweets, and posts about ASB.

The five bus destinations and their social issues were:

Electric Blue: New Orleans, working with disaster relief and community outreach. #ISUAB_itselectric

Fire Truck Red: Winder, Georgia, working with affordable housing and Habitat for Humanity. #ISUAB_FTR

Mango Tango Orange: Huntsville, Texas, working with prison release and restorative justice. #ISUAB_MTO

Lazer Lemon Yellow: Douthat State Park, Virginia, working with the environment. #ISUAB_yoloyellow

Forest Green: Paris, Virginia, working with sustainable agriculture. #ISUAB_FGunit

Check out some of their best photos, tweets, and posts so far. The contest ends March 30.

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