Challenge yourself to make you a priority this year and participate in the SEVEN Wellness Program. SEVEN is a free program that encourages the Illinois State University community to build healthier habits and focus on their well-being. Participants enter activities into an online logging system on a daily or weekly basis from September through April and receive points to earn prizes. 

How to participate

  • Use your Illinois State University credentials to log on to the SEVEN tracking system.
  • Log wellness to earn points.
  • Earn a T-shirt for the first 100 points logged. Participants who reach 100 points in a month are entered into prize drawings. For every additional 100 points earned, additional entries are received.
  • Receive a special monthly newsletter with information on monthly challenges and campus wellness activities.
  • Compete toward end-of-the-year prizes for top-point earners! There is one overall winner for both students and employees.

Examples of qualifying activities may include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • exercise of all types
  • counting steps and stairs
  • eating fruits and vegetables
  • meditation or worship
  • attending plays and concerts
  • joining a registered student organization (RSO), book club, or social group
  • volunteering
  • coaching youth sports team or leading a group of Girl Scouts

Monthly prizes include items such as gift cards to local businesses and various wellness items. Winners are announced in the monthly newsletters and on the Health Promotion and Wellness Facebook page. Seven dimensions of wellness health is not one dimensional. The seven dimensions of wellness encourage the achievement of the highest level of health possible and the maximization of your potential by exploring all aspects of well-being.

  • Emotional wellness helps you achieve positive self-esteem, satisfying relationships, and resilience to meet life’s challenges.
  • Environmental wellness includes understanding the impact of your interaction with nature and your personal environment, and taking action to protect the world around you.
  • Intellectual wellness increases your openness to new ideas and your sense of humor, creativity, and curiosity.
  • Physical wellness involves respecting your body’s own uniqueness and diversity, and engaging in practices that move you toward a higher level of health.
  • Social wellness is enhanced by establishing supportive social networks through meaningful relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and other significant individuals.
  • Spiritual wellness involves developing an inner connection and harmony between you and the wonder, majesty, and mystery of the universe.
  • Vocational wellness can be nurtured by matching your core values with interests, hobbies, employment, and volunteer work.

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Embracing a lifestyle that recognizes the seven dimensions of wellness brings about balance, vitality, and greater overall well-being. Many find that the SEVEN program helps them to make wellness a conscious priority. Some find logging activities a form of accountability that helps remind them to do a variety of wellness activities on a regular basis. Others find the aspect of “competing” against others for end of the year point totals appealing. Join SEVEN by going to