Diversity Advocacy, a unit of the Dean of Students Office, is committed to raising cultural awareness to the students, faculty, and staff of Illinois State.

On September 20, Diversity Advocacy will host an overnight retreat open to all Illinois State students. iQuest, formerly known as the Diversity Retreat, engages students in team-building activities while increasing multicultural awareness.

“(The retreat) is a good experience for anyone in a minority group or anyone wanting to understand the perspective of others’ lives. It’s a great way to expand your worldview and gain compassion for people’s differences,” said Darren Will, a past participant.

Students are led through guided activities, discussion, and reflection on various topics that teach how to appreciate, celebrate, and participate in the many cultures present at Illinois State. The goals of the retreat are to expand students’ understanding of diversity and engage students in critical discussions.

Kelsey Kott, another past participant, recommends going on the retreat because it is a very humbling experience that revived her “spirit of acceptance and advocacy for social change.”

The retreat is free, but students need to apply by Friday, September 12. For more information about iQuest, please contact Diversity Advocacy at (309) 438-8968.

Marie Huels was a contributor to this article.