Change can be hard, especially something as life-changing as going away to school.

Even if this isn’t your first time away from home, take steps to help yourself start the school year off right:

Be patient: Campus may seem overwhelming at first, but it becomes more familiar with time. Use campus maps, your RA, a friend, or an Illinois State faculty or staff person to become more comfortable with campus.

Connect with fellow students: Even if you don’t feel like being around others, isolating yourself will make your feel worse. Organize floor dinners. Meet classmates to study. Participate in group fitness classes at the Student Fitness Center.

Get involved: Join a registered student organization or a recreational sports team. Volunteer or get a campus job. The more people you interact with, the more campus will feel like home. Check out all the ways to get involved through the Dean of Students Office.

Utilize resources: There are numerous campus resources available to help you have the most rewarding college experience possible. Explore them and take advantage!

Care for yourself: The foundation for success is a healthy body and mind. Explore the SEVEN dimensions of wellness through Health Promotion and Wellness. Move your body with Campus Recreation. Student Health Services and Student Counseling Services are also available to help when needed. Make YOU a priority!

Academic challenges

College classes can be much different than your previous schooling. You may have scholarships or financial aid that depends on making certain grades or may just be putting pressure on yourself to do well. Set yourself up for academic success:

— Attend class regularly. It may be tempting to skip class for a variety of reasons, but it is easy to get behind.

— Establish a regular place to study that works for you. Many students find it most productive to do school work away from their living space. Check out this list of favorite places to study on campus.

— Professors ultimately want you to succeed. If you are struggling or have questions, make an appointment to talk it over.

— There are many ways to get academic assistance campus including tutoring, study groups, workshops and support programs. Contact University College at (309) 438‐3217 or visit them online at to learn about the variety of services available.

Additional Transition to Illinois State resources are available from Student Counseling Services.