The Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) office at Illinois State University is pleased to announce the launch of our new website, The new website is designed to fulfill RSP’s objective to provide effective assistance and technical support to the University community on all grant and contract activities.

The website utilizes an effective approach of keeping everyone well informed through updated research news and important deadlines featured on its home page. The new site also includes a search tool bar on the top right corner of each page to offer an easy navigation process. In addition, all pre-award and post-award grant processes are thoroughly classified to provide reliable resources for research.

Along with the new website, the beginning of fiscal year 2015 marked with the addition of four new RSP staffs, including our new director, Jason Wagoner. The RSP team strives to provide valuable research tools to all faculty, staff and community members for the successful creation, management and completion of sponsored projects. As part of this mission, the website facilitates in providing a virtual guidance to all grants and contracts administration processes.


Research and Sponsored Programs’ mission is to support and facilitate faculty, staff, and the community in their instructional, creative, research, and public service efforts. This support includes technical assistance, oversight of sponsored programs, and guidance and assurance of institutional compliance. For more information, please contact or call us at (309) 438-2528. Click here to subscribe to RSP newsfeed and follow us on Twitter.