Illinois State College of Education alumna Amy (Brophy) Laughlin ’98 has been named a 2015 California Teacher of the Year. She was among just five educators in the state to receive the award.

Laughlin earned her degree in elementary education from the University and now serves as a kindergarten through sixth grade intervention teacher for reading at Hansen School in Anaheim. She has taught at Hansen for 13 of her 16 years in education.

Amy (Brophy) Laughlin '98

Amy (Brophy) Laughlin ’98

“My well-defined skills in the area of teaching and learning began with the top-notch education I received at Illinois State University,” Laughlin said. “I was provided with hands-on experience that not only deepened my passion for teaching, but also gave me an enormous edge over others completing a traditional student teaching experience.”

Laughlin said the preparation she received at Illinois State not only helped her to carve out a successful teaching career, but has influenced her advocacy for supporting new teachers.

“My experience at ISU has had an immense impact on how I feel about teacher preparation programs,” she said. “I am passionate about providing a more enriching and powerful experience for incoming teachers. All of my efforts were put forth because of the amazing opportunities I experienced at ISU. I am proud to be a Redbird!”