Mail to the Illinois State magazine editor for November 2014:

To the Editor,

This is a response to Robert Johnson ’71 (Mail, May 2014) regarding the University name change. The answer to his question, “Does ISU have a reputation for preparing the best educators in America?” is a resounding YES!

I graduated shortly before the name change took place and remember a great deal about it.

I am a native Oklahoman and chose ISNU because it was without doubt the best place in the U.S. to get a degree in special education—the ONLY place which had a program so comprehensive that it encompassed every handicap of special needs children.

Our classes were held in the same building where classes and tutoring were going on for all kinds of children with special needs. It was amazing and fantastic. I returned to Oklahoma the best educated special education teacher in the state with a broad background and a college degree in the field!

Adding other departments to the campus need not reduce the level, and indeed I firmly believe it did not. While I hated to see my dear ISNU designation go, I do believe it was appropriate that the word “Normal” be taken out because of the much broader scope of present programs.

Nothing has “watered down” the Department of Education! ISU is still a strong and amazing place to get an education. Other programs on campus only intensify what is available to become an outstanding teacher.

JimAnn Oliver ’54

To the Editor,

I was there! I remember going outside with girls on my floor because we could see and hear all of the commotion (“Oral history of the beer riot,” August 2014). I had no idea what it was about. I was downtown Normal when the police used tear gas! I remember students knocking over one of the phone booths.

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Ann (Stanley) Dobbels ’87