A love of family, history and Illinois State resulted in a unique opportunity for Theora (Wiseman) Stark ’62. The elementary education major who attended in the days of ISNU has a love for Ewing Manor—a passion she shared with her mother.

Theora volunteers regularly at Ewing, which is owned by the University’s Foundation. Her stories of the Hazle Buck Ewing family fascinated her mother, Leora Wiseman, who marked her 100th birthday with a tour of the home. She died within months of that special day, but her memory lives on at Ewing because of Theora.

While polishing silver and giving tours at the manor, Theora learned that an antique clock in the entryway had not worked since the 1980s. She not only found a registered clockmaker to restore it but covered the expense as a tribute to her mother.

The sound of the clock once again striking the hour is music to visitors, and especially Theora. She was thrilled to learn it was manufactured in the 1700s. The fact it predates the country’s founding makes it an even more meaningful opportunity to preserve not only a loved one’s memory but an historical treasure.

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