“The Gluten Friendly Flavors station is really helping people with gluten intolerance feel like we matter, making ISU feel like home.”

That statement was shared by Illinois State University student Kevin Goffard.

Goffard is a senior studying theatre education with a double major in design production and a double minor in history and political science. He also works in the Bone Student Center, for the Dean of Students, is a resident assistant, and is on an assortment of committees and student organizations. His typical day goes from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. He is always on the move and having a meal plan is very convenient.

He has had Celiac disease since seventh grade, and when he was first diagnosed there weren’t many available options for him to eat, and it also affected his day to day life. Most people don’t know that even some shampoo and toothpaste has gluten and wheat. This meant that even outside of his dietary needs he had to readdress his way of life.

Campus Dining has been able to provide food for students with gluten sensitivities more than 15 years. However, the students that needed the meals had to call and request the meals in advance. Last year the first self-service gluten-aware options were available at both dining centers and provided students with more convenience. Fall 2014 marked the introduction of an entire station called Gluten Friendly Flavors. This station provides a variety of options.

Goffard has visited other schools and while they had gluten-free options, the food hasn’t compared to what he’s experienced at Illinois State. Campus Dining has placed a passionate effort into the creation of gluten-aware meals that satisfy student needs and still taste wonderful.

“No other school has been as proactive as ISU with having quality gluten-free options,” said Goffard. “The most unique thing about the Gluten Friendly Flavors station is the people that work there.”

Goffard praised the chefs being present at the station and taking the time to get to know the students. Not only do they make an effort to remember each student, they also ask for feedback on ways to improve the service and food.

Campus Dining Services take pride in assuring that the needs of the students are the primary objective. In order to be beneficial to as many students as possible, the Gluten Friendly Flavors station is also free of fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, and wheat.

Feedback is always appreciated as Campus Dining is always looking forward to improving the dining experience for all students, faculty/staff, and guests.