Mathematics Professors Olcay Akman and Papa Sissokho have received a grant for a minicluster to use for computing-intensive modeling research, as well as teaching parallel programming, cluster computing, and Computational/Data Enabled Science and Engineering (CDESE) to students and colleagues.

Papa Sissokho

Professor Papa Sissokho

The cluster, which is designed as a production High Performance Computing (HPC) resource for small higher education institutions that are not yet able to afford or support a full-scale cluster, will be used as the main shared computing platform for Intercollegiate Biomathematics

Olcay Akman

Professor Olcay Akman

Alliance research activities. The Intercollegiate Biomathematics Alliance is a consortium of universities collaborating via sharing academic, intellectual, and infrastructure resources for research and education of biomathematics. The minicluster will bring Illinois State’s leadership in biomathematics research and education to a new level.