Ashley Torri walked away from her first visit to Illinois State University in love with the campus that had “the beautiful quad and the energetic student atmosphere.” The Honors Program, College of Business, and the cheerleading program were all factors in her decision to attend Illinois State. Now as a senior nearing graduation, Torri is “beyond pleased with my choice to attend this outstanding University.”

Torri was interested in joining the Honors Program for its opportunities to become more involved and to experience different styles of learning both in and out of the classroom. While Torri was in high school, a current Illinois State Honors student “sold” Torri on the program, explaining how much it impacted her own time at the University. “I initially joined for academic reasons; however, I soon discovered it would also help me as a student, as a leader, and as a young professional,” Torri said.

After attending the Preview summer orientation, Torri was excited to be a part of the program and the larger campus, quickly searching for ways to become more involved. She certainly did just that, soon joining and earning leadership positions in several organizations. Currently, Torri is a great leader on the Illinois State campus with extensive involvement, particularly in the following organizations:

  • President—ISU Society for Human Resource Management
  • Mentor Program coordinator—Business Week
  • Member—Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity
  • Member—Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority
  • Member—Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society

All of these valuable experiences have helped Torri to grow. However, she says her time in the Honors Program has had the most significant impact on her educational experience. “I have had the opportunity to meet amazing mentors and students who have encouraged me to be a better leader and learner,” she said.

Torri encourages others to apply for admission to the Honors Program. She views the program as a wonderful way to continue learning, meet great friends, and be surrounded by helpful mentors.

Torri will soon be leaving her beloved campus. After graduation, she plans to move to Minneapolis for a human resource generalist role with Cummins Inc., a position she says is exactly what she was looking for after graduation and that her time at Illinois State and her experience in the Honors Program positioned her to achieve.