Mail to the Illinois State magazine editor for May 2015:

To the Editor,

Thanks to your staff for pursuing the story on Route 66 (Nov. 2014). As a kid growing up in Bloomington, I traveled Route 66 many times. The routing of 66 through town after town is still a vivid memory.

A “well done” goes to ISU alums Terri Ryburn and Fred Walk for helping preserve what is now Historic Route 66 on the road sections that still remain from Chicago to L.A. Their work and that done by others is not in vain and is much appreciated.

During a visit in October to Arizona, I got to be on old 66 from Winslow to Flagstaff, and met a couple from the Netherlands who were on vacation and driving the road from Illinois to California. Thanks for an alumni story that had a dual purpose of revealing a key act of preservation at work.

Cliff Schrock ’81

To the Editor,

I enjoy reading the magazine, especially seeing old photos. I was interested in the From the Archives photos (Nov. 2014). My response to today’s students being “more creative” in converting their dorm rooms is “whaaaaaat!?”

We had enough rules for dorm living that heads would be spinning with this “creative” generation!  We had room inspections—no dust and mopped floors. If we didn’t pass inspection, we had to clean the laundry room for the week!

We were limited with what could be attached to walls. Furniture was part of the permanent fixtures, so could not be rearranged. We all took care of hall and lounge walls and furniture so all was attractive.

We had “room check” each night at 10:30 weekdays to make sure we were all where we belonged. Not joking! Our class was very creative in many ways, just not in dorm room arrangement.

I have often realized how greatly and positively my ISU dorm experiences and friendships affected my life. I regret nothing.

Elizabeth (Scheer) Sorensen ’67