Members of the Big Red Marching Machine are among the University’s best ambassadors, instilling pride and sparking collegiate memories every time they take up their instruments. Those who cheer at half-time shows and applaud as the band parades through campus during Homecoming rarely realize the work required by each member.

Students start perfecting the music and learning their steps during long, hot days of summer band camp. The result is far more than a polished performance. They gain friendships through events unlike what their classmates experience. Incoming students especially appreciate representing ISU in such a unique way.

The transition from high school marching band to the Big Red Marching Machine was unforgettable for Ethan Peebles. Highlights from his freshman year were captured by ISU’s photographer, Lyndsie Schlink ’04. Her images from last August through the band’s final performance in January reveal both mundane and exceptional moments in Peebles’ rookie Redbird season.

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  1. Srimali Senn says:

    it’s nice to see what diversity do the young peoples life.

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