The primary mission of the Organizational Leadership Institute (OLI) is to enhance the leadership experiences and personal leadership development of all College of Business majors. OLI works to achieve this mission through a variety of programs and activities designed to maximize student exposure to leadership principles and practices, and increase opportunities for students to more fully develop their own leadership skills.

The Chicago Leadership Series is a new leadership development program that will be offered by the Organizational Leadership Institute. Sessions in the program will be led by full-time faculty from the College of Business at Illinois State University. This series will be held at the Metropolitan Club in the Willis Tower located in Downtown Chicago.

This program will offer sessions that address and critical leadership-related topics and will be led by faculty who have significant professional and academic expertise in these areas. In fact, many of the faculty who will lead these sessions are nationally and internationally known for their contributions to the study of leadership and organizations.

The goal of the program is really two-fold.  First, we want to create stronger connections and ties with our alumni and with local business communities, and create opportunities for individuals to examine and explore important issues related to leadership in organizations.  Second, we also want to provide increased opportunities for our faculty to interact with business and community leaders in each area.

Our faculty truly relish the opportunity to interact with business, community, and other organizational leaders. Such opportunities not only provide a setting in which faculty can share their insights and perspectives, but also provide a setting in which faculty can learn from the insights and perspectives of participants in the program.

Session 1: Tuesday, November 10, 2015, “Wouldn’t It Be Lovely …? How to Thrive in the Midst of Your Most Knotted Tensions and Persistent Problems”

Session 2: Wednesday, February 17, 2016, “Women Promote! Strategies for Authentic Self-Promotion

Session 3: Wednesday, June 15, 2016, “Leadership, Culture, and Ethics: Why Do Good People (Sometimes) Do Bad Things?”

For more information about the Chicago Leadership Series please visit the series website or contact Rick Ringer, director of the Organizational Leadership Institute, at (309) 438-3333 or