Illinois State alumni who return to campus after several years away are often stunned by how much things have changed.

The new Student Fitness Center. The new Cardinal Court student apartments. The ongoing demolition of South Campus. And the list goes on.

We’ve gathered more historical photos from the Dr. Jo Ann Rayfield Archives at Milner Library, along with their modern-day pair. The new photos were taken in summer 2015 by University Photographer Lyndsie Schlink. You can see more now-and-then photo pairs on this popular STATEside post from May 2015.

Are you a fan of Illinois State history? Check out the Rayfield Archives blog, edited by University Archivist April Anderson.

Watterson from West Campus (1979 and 2015)

Schroeder Hall (1971 and 2015)

Bone Student Center (1973 and 2015)

Inside Bone Student Center (2002 and 2015)

Bowling and Billiards Center (1973 and 2015)

Hancock Stadium (1969 and 2015)

Big Red Marching Machine (1958 and 2015)

Spelling out I-S-U

Big Red in the 1990s, and Welcome Week students in 2015

See more now-and-then photo pairs on this STATEside post from May.

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2 thoughts on “Photos: More ISU campus landmarks, now and then

  1. jacobdegeal says:

    Very cool gallery! I have to say, I’m shocked that we had benches at that bus stop at Bone at one time. We need them back! Especially in winter.

  2. Joe Owen '72 says:

    Drove through the campus and down what used to be College Avenue going west from Manchester Hall and had no idea where I was – it has changed immensely since 1972!!