The following resources might be helpful to school districts and the community partners who work with them. 

U.S. Young Adults Lag Behind International Peers
. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) shared its assessment of the skills of U.S. adults concluding that U.S. adults have, on average, weaker numeracy and digital problem-solving skills relative to adults in 17 other developed countries, and their literacy skills are only average. “Troublingly,” writes NCES Acting Commissioner Peggy Carr. “There are more U.S. adults at the lowest proficiency levels in all of the skills tested than the international average.”

Workforce: The State of the Early Childhood Workforce Initiative with University of California, Berkeley’s Center for the Study of Child Care Employment launched a new website to provide state-by-state data and policy analysis on the status of early education jobs, track progress made, and chart innovative solutions. A report on state-level details is due out in June 2016.