As national rankings and innovative programs help strengthen the reputation of Illinois State’s College of Business, it’s not just our students who benefit.

College of Business alumni are also seeing the value of their degree continue to increase, even if they never stepped foot in the state-of-the-art State Farm Hall of Business as a student.

Established in 1967, the college has grown in so many ways. At every turn, it was the generosity of Illinois State alumni and our corporate and foundation partners that made that excellence possible—especially in the face of declining state support. Private giving was and is critical, according to four past and present deans who led the college during this exceptional period of growth.

“That alumni support today is so important for the continuing growth and development of the college, financially as well as just being connected and to provide networking experiences for the students,” said Andrew Nappi, who was College of Business dean from 1980-1989.

Private giving has impacted every part of the college, from faculty and student recruitment, to curriculum improvements, to facilities (including the State Farm Hall of Business itself.)

Learn more about the shared history of private giving and the college in the video above, featuring former deans Nappi, Robert Jefferson, and Dixie Mills, as well as Interim Dean Gerry McKean.