There are many places in the Bloomington-Normal area worth exploring. Check them out through the Reggie Ride program, providing free bike rentals to members of the Student Fitness Center.

The following five destinations, all located just off the Constitution Trail, help make our community rich in history and culture. Don’t let us stop you from exploring, but wherever you go, make sure you do it on a #ReggieRide.

  1. Tipton Park
    Tipton Park might be one of the best hidden gems available to the Illinois State University community. Only a 2-mile ride from Uptown Normal, Tipton offers majestic scenery that isn’t found anywhere else in the Twin Cities. Highlighted by the central pond that brings in plenty of wildlife, you’ll find a number of trails that cut through the small prairie, making this a prime location for a short run or an evening walk.
  2. David Davis Mansion
    The David Davis Mansion is a treat for any history buff who may be looking for some local flavor. Built in the 1870s by Illinois Senator and U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Davis, this Victorian mansion has been a museum since 1960 and provides tours throughout the week. The Davis Mansion is located off the Constitution Trail just 2 miles south of Uptown Normal. See details and directions at
  3. Camelback Bridge
    One of the last remnants of the railroad that once ran through Normal, this camelback bridge was built in the 1880s and was restored just over a decade ago. Travel just 1 mile south from Uptown Normal to Virginia Avenue and discover this historic landmark.
  4. Connie Link Amphitheatre
    This venue hosts a variety of entertainment during the summer and early fall, including theater productions, movie nights, and a concert series that highlights local talent. Situated at the intersection of the east and north-south sections of the trail, it’s a destination easy to get to from anywhere around
    campus. Find more information on upcoming events at the Town of Normal’s website,
  5. Hidden Creek Natural Wayside
    Slightly off the trail, just north of Uptown, this small wayside is perfect for a picnic with friends. Picnic tables, a wooded setting, and a running creek make it a small, natural getaway just up the trail from campus.

For more information, call Campus Recreation at (309) 438-7529.