The following resources might be helpful to school districts and the community partners who work with them.

Bullying is a “serious public health problem,” report says. It’s time to recognize bullying as a serious public health issue, according to a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. But zero-tolerance policies aren’t going to cut it. (CNN, May 10).

What Workplaces Gain When They Send Their Employees Back to School. New evidence that the corporate college perk works. Far less common is an employer evaluating whether its creel of college perks actually benefits the company. A new analysis did just that, and the results suggest that bosses can get serious mileage out of their workers even after spending up to $12,000 annually per employee on their college educations. Though the report focuses on one company, its findings may tamp down suspicions that the recent spate of company offerings are in effect feel-good PR strategies with limited benefits. (The Atlantic, April 25).

Work Support Strategies: Streamlining Access, Strengthening Families. The Work Support Strategies (WSS) initiative produced videos about five of the states that received funding and technical assistance to design, test, and implement more effective, streamlined and integrated approaches to delivering key supports (including health coverage, nutrition benefits and child care subsidies).