Ever hear of “Agile Scrum”? It’s a concept that helps folks in big companies collaborate and succeed … and it might just be the key to your students’ next project.

It’s one of many topics covered the week of June 20 at CTLT. Most workshops at the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology require registration at least one business day in advance. Workshops are held at CTLT’s facilities at 301 S. Main unless otherwise noted.

Need help selecting the professional development that’s right for you? Many workshops are categorized by CTLT’s Keys to Enhanced Teaching. Look for the icons next to workshop descriptions. You can also email CTLT@ilstu.edu for a consultation.

Make Connections icon Design Learning icon Teaching with OneNote
Monday, June 20 • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Every member of the Illinois State community now has access to OneNote, a powerful note-taking and collaboration tool from Microsoft. Discover how to use OneNote to organize your teaching and centralize tasks such as attendance, lecture notes, and using rubrics. In addition, you will explore ways to use OneNote for project- and collaborative-based learning, by creating online workspaces where students can create, share, and critique work. This workshop will begin with an introduction to the software, and it will quickly segue into an exploration of its potential for teaching and student learning. No previous experience with OneNote is necessary. A $100 stipend is available to eligible participants who complete the workshop. Facilitator: Jim Gee, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. Registration required.

Transform Teaching icon Beyond PowerPoint: Exploring Presentation Software
Tuesday, June 21 • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Time to move beyond endless lists of bullet points! Many instructors have embraced PowerPoint as a presentation tool, but it is not always the best option for engaging students and explaining the big picture. Get an overview of Prezi and other alternatives to PowerPoint, and explore the pros and cons of each in various teaching scenarios. You don’t need to be a computer person to benefit from this workshop. It is open to all instructors. A $100 stipend is available to eligible participants who complete the workshop. Facilitator: Mayuko Nakamura, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. Registration required.

Design Learning icon Transform Teaching icon Applying Agile Scrum Principles to Complex Class Projects
Tuesday, June 21 • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

When people think of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Intel, they often think of innovation, agility, and quality. Not only are these companies known for providing value and being able to manage complex projects and resources very efficiently, they obviously have a way of working that fosters creativity and learning. Scrum is a framework used in industry to solve complex tasks and projects involving iterations of planning, communication, execution, and reflection. This framework works best in complex situations where solutions are often uncovered by trial and error and iteration. Work is made transparent, leading to accountability, and making Scrum ideal for group learning. In this workshop, you will discover the Scrum framework’s underlying values and principles. Identify how to apply these tools to your class and come away with practical strategies and activities to incorporate into your students’ learning. A $100 stipend is available to eligible participants who complete the workshop. Facilitator: Rosie Hauck, Department of Accounting. Registration required.

Engage Learners icon Make Connections icon Chewing on Life’s Big Questions
Wednesday, June 22 • 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Engaging students in conversations about values. Chewing on Life’s Big Questions is an interactive classroom session designed by Health Promotion and Wellness. Learn how to help your students identify meaningful connections between themselves and their classmates while emphasizing how their values align with their actions and behaviors. The presentation includes brief demonstrations of engaging activities, videos, and classroom polling techniques that faculty can use to spark interesting discussion and create a more participatory, engaged classroom. A $50 stipend is available to eligible participants who complete the workshop. Facilitators: Phyllis McCluskey-Titus, Department of Educational Administration and Foundations; Susan Ryder, New Covenant Community; Jim Almeda, Health Promotion and Wellness; Kerri Calvert, Health Promotion and Wellness. Registration required.

Make Connections icon Working with International Students – Information Only Session
Wednesday, June 22 • 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Sometimes as teachers, we know an international student needs special attention to truly succeed in our classroom. But exactly how can we help? Where do we begin? Through this abbreviated workshop, explore the issues that many international students face in U.S. higher education. Learn how to incorporate the perspectives of students in your teaching and discover how to help international students acquire the skills they need to thrive. A $50 stipend is available to eligible participants who complete the workshop. Facilitators: Mayuko Nakamura, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology; Kasia Stadnik, School of Teaching and Learning; Rachel Webb, Office of International Studies and Programs; Aubrey Wagoner, Office of International Studies and Programs. Registration required.

University Teaching Award Portfolio Circles
Wednesday, June 22 • 9–11 a.m.

Have you been nominated for a University Teaching Award? Congratulations! We hope you’ll be able to attend one of these Portfolio Circles to learn more about building a teaching portfolio that follows the guidelines provided by the University Teaching Committee. Already have a portfolio? Bring it along! No registration necessary.

Word: Creating Fillable Forms
Wednesday, June 22 • 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Learn how to create simple digital forms in Microsoft Word. We’ll explore this functionality and briefly talk about its advantages and disadvantages, and explore other options (such as creating forms in Adobe Acrobat). Registration required.

Select Survey
Wednesday, June 22 • 3–4 p.m.
Stevenson Hall 107

Get a basic understanding of Select Survey, an online survey and form development tool. You will learn how to quickly and easily create web-based surveys from your web browser. This survey software allows you to easily deploy surveys and view real-time results as responses are received. This workshop is open to faculty, administrators, and staff only. Registration required.

SoftChalk Create
Thursday, June 23 • 1–4 p.m.

Looking for a creative, new way to engage students? SoftChalk can help! This program lets you easily create engaging, interactive web lessons. You will learn to create interactive learning games such as customizable flashcards, image labeling, matching games, crosswords and more. SoftChalk Lessons are easily imported into ReggieNet. Registration required.

If you need a special accommodation to fully participate in a CTLT event, please contact the main desk at 438-2542.