If you’ve always wanted to play an intramural sport, but didn’t know how to get started, then this is a must-read article. We’ve recorded some of our most often heard questions, and have attempted to answer them here.  For more information about how you can get started playing for the memories, visit our website.

1. How can I get into the game?
• Create an account on IMLeagues.com/IllinoisState. Once you have an account, you can rally your friends and start a team, join a created team, or list yourself as a free agent. If you have problems signing up, contact our office at intramuralsports@IllinoisState.edu and let us help you.
• Using your Illinois State University email address will make things easier during the registration process.
• If you are a free agent, you can message captains of other teams on IMLeagues.com, talk to players at the captains’ meeting, or just show up on the day of the games to get on a team. Players can join a roster at any time, but intramural staff members do not place players on teams.
• Sign up your teams as soon as possible! There is no limit to the numbers of players on your roster, but we have limited team space in our leagues and don’t want you to miss out on any of the action.

2. What’s this gonna cost me?
• Typically, leagues cost $50 per team and tournaments are $25 per team. Individual events are $5 per player.
• While you can select any open division/time in our league, keep in mind that only the first five teams that make the team payment for that division will be “confirmed” into the league. Space is limited! Teams that pay first have the first priority.

3. What if I want to dominate in all the leagues?
• You are only allowed to participate in one gender-specific league (men’s and women’s) and one CoRec league. We do not allow players to play in both competitive and recreational divisions within the same league. This helps to ensure that competition is fair throughout all leagues and provides more opportunities for all skill levels to play.

4. What can I win?
• Aside from campus bragging rights, our competitive league champions also earn championship T-shirts. Recreational league winners play for the love of the
game, the spirit of competition, and of course, the adoration of all!

5. What can I play?
• Our sports vary based on the time of year, but there are leagues for everyone! During the fall, we usually offer flag football, outdoor soccer, volleyball, and dodgeball (among others). During the spring, typical sports may include basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, floor hockey, and softball. Check the website for a complete schedule.