Delve deeper into the sport of kayaking with a new workshop from Campus Recreation.  Participants will learn essential instruction for paddlers of all skill levels. The workshop will include wet rescues, self-rescues, and boat re-entry.

The Kayak Rescues Workshop will be held from noon to 2 p.m. Sunday, September 18, in the Student Fitness Center Pool.  Workshops are first-come-first-served. Registration is NOT required, but those who do register prior to the workshop will have priority.

Additional instruction will be provided based on interest and time.  The bonus instructions may include fitting a kayak, use of a spray skirt, bracing, and edging. After completing this workshop, consider trying out your new skills on our Kayak Day Trip October 1.

“It’s a lot of fun to learn how to save yourself if you flip out of a kayak, how to hang out in a kayak under water without it filling up with water, and how to rescue other people,” said Assistant Director of Adventure Programs Rachel Iversen. “We want people to be comfortable and safe while on the water, so we are offering a chance to learn in the safety of a controlled indoor environment.”

For more information about the kayak workshop and other adventure events, call (309)438-8427 or email at