It was an awkward, quirky feeling … a solid pit in deep in the stomach that just wouldn’t go away. As Pat tried on the cap and gown and looked confidently in the mirror to catch a glimpse of achievement reflecting back, there was a small voice inside whispering gently that there was still something else to do before taking the stage. But what was it?

Cap and gown delivered? Check. Transcripts and diploma ordered? Check? Textbooks sold? Check. As you finalize all of the tasks you must complete before graduation, don’t forget those most important to your career. The Career Center provides the following checklist to help students graduating this semester to prepare for their future.

  1. Update your Hire-A-Redbird profile. This interactive job vacancy system allows students and alumni to research, identify, and apply for job and internship openings. One can also publish documents such as resumes and cover letters. Be sure to update your profile with your graduation date, contact information, email preferences, and degree/major information. Those who don’t have their profile up-to-date may miss out on being contacted by employers or on information being sent from the Career Center about upcoming events, on-campus interviews, career fairs, and more.
  2. Order your free business cards. The Career Center provides free business cards exclusively to current Illinois State students. Get yours now while you’re still a student and can get them for free.
  3. Save the date for upcoming career fairs. As an Illinois State alumni, you will be welcome to attend the Career Center’s career fairs to look for positions or to network with professionals in your field.
  4. Outline your career plan with your career advisor. Let our career advisors help you develop a concrete career plan, review your résumé to help make it stand out to employers, and prepare for an interview before you start applying for jobs.
  5. Take advantage of the Career Center’s online tools. These include Hire-A-Redbird, InterviewStream, and FOCUS.
  6. Stay in touch with the Career Center. Bookmark the Career Center’s website and join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you can continue to take advantage of our offerings, such as rèsumè reviews, practice interviews, graduate school workshops, and application reviews.
  7. Give back what you receive. When you’re in a position to hire an employee, be sure to contact the Career Center. Let us help you find the right candidate. Whether you’re a supervisor, employer, or entrepreneur, you can always give back to Illinois State by hiring a Redbird.

Let the Career Center assist you before you graduate so you’re able to confidently take the stage at commencement, and beyond!