The IRS has released the 2017 Notice 1036, which contains the official 2017 withholding allowance amounts, the amount to add to nonresident alien employees’ wages for calculating their income tax withholding and the percentage method withholding tables.

2017 withholding allowance amounts
The value of one withholding allowance per pay period is:
• Semimonthly: $168.80
• Monthly: $337.50
• Annual: $4,050.00

Nonresident employees’ withholding
Except for nonresident students or business apprentices from India, add these amounts per pay period to your nonresident employees’ wages:
• Semimonthly: $95.80
• Monthly: $191.50
• Annual: $2,300.00

Nonresident employees can generally claim only one withholding allowance on their W-4s.

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