Leslie Batterson ’87 is an example of what it means to give back with the success she has made for herself. She not only has built a reputation as a successful claims consultant, but also has managed to devote time and resources to several charity and non-profit organizations along the way.

Since graduation from Illinois State University in 1987, Batterson has been working diligently, taking on larger roles, and learning as she went. She was never afraid to take on a challenge when it came to work, and that mindset has set her up for success.

As Batterson has advanced through her field, the hard work and process was what stuck out the most. Putting in 17 years for Sarah Lee, she worked her way to corporate status. She is now the Senior Claims Consultant for Aon Corporation, where she works with large fortune 100 companies. Some of the industries she works with range from pharmaceuticals to large food companies and everything in between.

In addition to being a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and obtaining her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), Batterson has received many awards for her work in safety and loss control. She was recently awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award from ISU as well as the American Society of Safety Engineers’ (ASSE) Greater Chicago Chapter Safety Professional of the Year.  Batterson has also been given many other ASSE awards throughout her time in the field.

During her time at Illinois State, Batterson believes that she was well prepared for her future career and is pleased with the direction the program is heading today.  Some advice she would give for up and coming safety professionals in the program now would be to be open-minded about opportunities that present themselves.

She says that taking chances to learn and expand your knowledge is always a good idea and would recommend all students continue to be engaged and involved with colleagues and ASSE throughout your career. The support group you cultivated from those relationships will help you learn and grow as a professional.