Sandi (Platta) ’67 and Steve Adams received the 2017 Joseph F. Warner Golden Redbird Award. It is the highest honor Athletics gives to those who support the program through service, leadership, and by donating to the Weisbecker Scholarship Fund.

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The two have been Redbird fans since the 1950s. They have been donors and season ticket holders since 1976. Steve volunteered as the public address announcer for men’s basketball at 574 games played throughout 40 seasons.

He also served as the public announcer for football games until the renovation of Hancock Stadium, tallying 201 games behind the microphone.

Both are ISU retirees, with Sandi having served in the English Department. Steve worked for 35 years in administrative roles, including as vice president of Student Affairs.

They remain active as mentors and a sounding board for various Athletics administrators. Generous and loyal financial supporters, they assist Athletics behind the scenes in ways rarely recognized.

The award is named in honor of Joe Warner, an avid Redbird who perished in a plane crash in 2002.