Health Sciences featured student: Taylor Judd

Health Sciences featured student: Taylor Judd

The Department of Health Sciences is proud to announce our next student spotlight, Taylor Judd. Judd is a medical laboratory science (MLS) major from La Grange.

Judd found this major at a pivotal time in her life. Like most 18-year-olds, she had no idea what she wanted to major in college.  What she knew was that she loved AP Biology and AP Statistics classes in high school. At the time, she was also really into the show Scrubs; she remembers watching an episode featuring a funny lab tech and that started turning wheels in her head.

She researched the medical laboratory science field and found it was a perfect mix of her interests. She knew MLS was what she wanted to do before she even stepped foot on the quad.

Judd had the honor of being selected for Mayo Clinic’s Summer Lab Science Program. For 10 weeks, she lived in downtown Rochester, Minnesota, where she completed a work-study in the metals lab. She was able to work on an inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometer while validating a new test for measuring free gadolinium, a chemical element, in the body.

During this internship, Judd learned a lot about herself and what she wanted for her future. It sparked her love for being challenged, learning new things, and doing things that were never done before.

It also made her realize that her education was far from over. She always thought she wanted to get a four-year degree and never go back to school, but now graduate school is something she cannot imagine not doing. After graduation, Judd hopes to work as a medical technologist for a couple years and then start graduate school and get her Ph.D!

When asked what advice she would give to students just starting their college career, Judd said: “Take on every opportunity you possibly can. Sports, clubs, Greek life, internships, jobs, anything that remotely interests you. Take a risk and sign yourself up. When you look back as a senior, I promise you will not regret it. The more diversity you have in your personal life, the more rich and prosperous your life will be. When I think about all the people I have met and the things I’ve done over these years, it’s those experiences that have shaped me into who I am. You are what you do. So, do what makes you the best version of yourself.”

Thanks, Taylor, for being part of the medical laboratory science family at Illinois State!

Judd was nominated by Meridee Van Draska for her work in the special metals lab at the Mayo Clinic as well as her professional practice at Palos Community Hospital.