Ray Gomez, French and Spanish double major

An update from Ray Gomez, current French and Spanish double major.

I am currently a full time student at Illinois State, looking to graduate in May. This semester I took the challenge of six classes, 18 credit hours, while maintaining my active participation in the co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, the Prairie Pride Coalition, and working up to 24 hours a week. Of course all of this without leaving behind my studies and my academic performance. 

I was intrigued by the study of languages when I learned the complexity and diversity that the world’s cultures can offer. I am bilingual myself and I have always been so amazed by the ability of translating and interpreting the world through all the lenses that languages provide, which ultimately work as filters to understand our society.

My ultimate plan is to graduate Illinois State after three years of studying and then submerge myself into the world of graduate school to become a translator and eventually work for organizations that do altruistic work with the immigrant population in our nation!”