Did you know that Illinois State University is one of only 65 schools in the U.S. on Phi Theta Kappa’s Transfer Honor Roll? If you are coming from a community college or another four-year school, you’ll notice that Illinois State has many resources to help you smoothly transition into being a #FutureRedbird. Resources like our two-year plans of study and guides to help you know how classes will transfer are a few of the many reasons that will help you succeed.

Are you still not convinced Illinois State is the right place for you? Check out what current Redbird transfers have to say when asked some frequently asked questions!

How accommodating was Illinois State to keeping you on track with your major?

“My advisor has helped me tremendously with keeping me on track. I will graduate on time and only have to take 12 credit hours next semester, which is my last one.” – Payton Chandler

What was the biggest change at Illinois State compared to the school you transferred from?

“The biggest change was living on my own. It was hard to adapt to this type of lifestyle. Also, my community college was very easy when it came to the content. It was difficult to get used to the way that university classes were compared to what I had been used to previously.” – Nikki Stiegal

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Illinois State a Transfer Honor Roll institution

Illinois State University has once again been named to Phi Theta Kappa’s Transfer Honor Roll.

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Why did you decide to transfer to Illinois State?

“I decided to transfer to ISU because it was the best option for me in my major path.” – Jon Doolin

“I transferred to ISU because I’ve heard wonderful things from their communication science and disorders program. Also, my parents went here and loved it. And it isn’t too far from home!” – Karrighan Quick

What is the best advice you can give to a future transfer student?

“Get involved! When I first transferred here I didn’t know very many new people, I was assigned a random roommate. Sophomore year I decided I was going to get involved with Greek life, a choir, and a couple of clubs, and that’s the best thing I could’ve done. I instantly was meeting so many new people that I now call very good friends. Getting involved with things you are interested at ISU is so important because there is so much to offer here and it’s a great way to make new friends.” – Allie Tassi

“Best advice would be to try getting involved in as much as possible. Get an on campus or close to campus job to help meet people and keep up with classes. It is important to try to meet new people and feel comfortable in your new environment.” – Celia Buschor

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Transfer Redbirds Organization

Transfer students now have a new registered student organization (RSO) on campus to help ease their transition to campus life.

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