An update from current graphic design major and minor in Italian studies and psychology, Danielle Cervelli


“I have always been interested and fascinated with Italian culture. I was exposed to it very young at my great grandparents’ house so when I was given the opportunity to learn the language there was no way I was going to pass it up.

Being an Illinois State language student is amazing. The language professors really want and encourage you to succeed. Plus, their passion for the language just drives you to try harder and gives you extraordinary amounts of appreciation for the language department as a whole. They even host Italian conversation hours that help build speaking and comprehension skills (and they also serve food – it is awesome).

I chose to minor in Italian because it connects me back to my roots but it also gives me a new understanding of diversity and culture, two things I believe everyone should expand their knowledge on. It will also assist me down the line when I eventually become an art therapist to understand different backgrounds of people I am trying to help. However, I hope to study abroad in Italy this coming summer to finally experience the culture I fell in love with at such a young age.

Augurami buona fortuna – ciao!”