U.S. News & World Report have released their nation-wide 2018 Best Online Programs rankings, and yet again, Illinois State’s Mennonite College of Nursing rises to the top.

“Best Online Bachelor’s Program” – Online RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

MCN’s online RN to BSN program ranked 77th for “Best Online Bachelor’s Program” – up from 186th in 2017.

Evaluation criteria included:

  • Student Engagement – The program promotes participation in courses, allowing students opportunities to readily interact with their instructors and classmates, similarly to how they would in an on-campus program.
  • Student Services & Technology – The program incorporates diverse online learning technologies that allow for greater flexibility for students.
  • Faculty Credentials & Training – The program employs strong instructors with academic credentials that mirror those of instructors for campus-based programs, and they have the resources to train these instructors to teach distance learners.
  • Peer Reputation – A survey of high-ranking academic officials and employers is used to measure the overall reputation of the program.

Criteria also include things like graduation rates, retention rates, and class sizes.

“Best Online Graduate Program” – Online Master’s in Nursing Systems Administration

MCN also ranked in the top 100 for “Best Online Graduate Program” – with our online Master’s in Nursing Systems Administration coming in at #89.

Evaluation criteria included:

  • Student Engagement – Students can readily collaborate with fellow students in classes and clinical settings. Faculty are accessible and responsive.
  • Faculty Credentials & Training
  • Peer Reputation
  • Student Services & Technology
  • Admissions Selectivity – Students coming into the program are entering with proven aptitudes, ambitions, and accomplishments that can handle the demands of rigorous coursework.

Again, criteria also included things like class size and graduation and retention rates, but also included time to degree deadline, tenured faculty, undergraduate GPA, and acceptance rate.

Designed for Flexibility, Dedicated to Excellence

At Mennonite College of Nursing, we have a history of excellence in nursing education nearly 100 years long. It is our mission to prepare nursing professionals who are ready to step out into their communities and make a difference. When we made the decision to dive into the vast world of online education all the way back in 2003, the whole idea of earning a degree online was still very new. But, as a College we knew two things:

  1. Working nurses MUST have access to ways to continue their education and advance their careers.
  2. The working adult needs flexibility that oftentimes an on-campus program cannot provide.

We are, and have always been, determined to provide the above without sacrificing the quality of our program. The way we think about it is this:

If our students are investing precious time and hard-earned money going back to school, we better make sure that our program provides real-world value. 

We are proud that our online programs have earned the recognition of U.S. News & World Report. We are even more proud of the growth and opportunities – both personal and professional – that those programs provide to our students.

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