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Erin Mikulec behind the mic

Associate Professor Erin Mikulec stops by CTLT to showcase exciting opportunities for faculty interested in teaching and research overseas.

Let’s Talk Teaching: The Fulbright Experience with Erin Mikulec

Our pokey little podcast returns for 2018! In this episode, we talk teaching, learning, and Fulbright awards with Erin Mikulec from the School of Teaching and Learning at Illinois State. She’s offering a new workshop series at the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology that explores the many Fulbright teaching and research options available to faculty. In addition to previewing the workshops, Jim and Erin explore her experiences with the Study Abroad program, her recent award-winning scholarship in the field of teaching and learning, and how all of this ties back to the classroom. Plus, the virtues of mushy peas as a teaching tool!

Update: Erin’s introductory workshop on the Fulbright Awards Experience returns again on April 3. The advanced workshop, on developing a Fulbright application, will be on April 10. Registration is required.

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