The ISU Physics Colloquium for Tuesday February 13 has a revised speaker. 

Sunil Chebolu

Professor Sunil Chebolu, Ph.D. of the Illinois State University Department of Mathematics will speak on the topic “A Scientific Story:  From Aristotle to Newton” at 4 p.m. in Moulton Hall 214.

The abstract of the talk: “For more than 2,000 years, physicists and astronomers were driven by some of the following, basic questions: What is the distance to the moon? What is the distance to the sun? What is the circumference of the Earth? What is the orbit of Mars and the other planets? Nowadays, it is easy to answer these questions with the help of Google. But for the ancients, these were extremely difficult questions. The work done by many generations of scientists (from Aristotle to Newton) toward answering these questions fits into a beautiful, scientific story that will be unveiled in this talk.”

The ISU Physics Colloquium Series is free and open to the public.  We hope that you will join us. Refreshments will be served 15 minutes prior to the colloquium.  For more information, please contact us at (309) 438-8756 or

The ISU Physics Colloquium Series is coordinated by Distinguished Professor of Physics Qichang Su. See the revised Spring 2018 ISU Physics Colloquium Series Schedule.