Physics General Education Lab Coordinator and Physics on the Road (PoTR) Director Jay Ansher serves as the featured narrator in this video of the ISU Physics Discovery Day event held January 27.

The annual Physics Discovery Day is designed to help area high school students explore career paths in physics through participating in various physics experiments geared to spark their curiosity.

Assistant Professor of Physics Neil Christensen coordinated the 2018 ISU Physics Discovery Day event and emphasizes what is unique about the ISU Physics Department undergraduate program for students:

“Each undergraduate student in physics at ISU is encouraged to do research with a faculty member. This student research is done in a diversity of areas of physics including particle physics, atomic physics, nano-optics, physics education, chaotic systems, solid state, and non-linear dynamics. It often produces articles, with student co-authors, that are published in international peer-reviewed journals. This is one of the greatest, and most unique, benefits to being a student at ISU. Because we are an undergraduate-only department, all of our effort is focused on our undergraduate students.”

For more about Illinois State University Department of Physics opportunities for prospective and continuing students, please visit or call (309) 438-8756.