We know you have finals coming up and you’re looking forward to break, #FutureRedbird. The end of the semester can be a stressful time; fortunately, our friends at University College have some study tips and habits to help you ace your finals!

You may be wondering—just what is University College (I mean, how is it a University and a College at the same time?). University College is a department at Illinois State University that helps students transition into university life and studies. They provide academic advising, lifestyle workshops, and academic help through tutoring and academic assistance. The Julia N. Visor Academic Center hosts a Study Tools and Test-taking workshop every semester to introduce new study habits and work with students to figure out what works best for them. Here are some of their tips:

  1. Find the study tips and tricks that work for you!
    Finals are different for everyone. Each exam is unique, whether it be multiple choice, free response, or a final presentation. There is not a single study tip or habit that is uniform across the board, so you must find what study styles work best for you.
  2. Try different study tactics.
    Depending on what works, you may want to try using flash cards, concept maps and charts, finding a study buddy, or joining a study group.
  3. Budget your testing time.
    According to the Julia N. Visor Academic Center, students have the hardest time with budgeting test time on the test. Be aware of the amount of time allotted for each question and try your best to stay on schedule.
  4. Read questions carefully!
    So often students will miss a question because they don’t read the question or directions all the way through because of their fear of time consumption. Take a deep breath and carefully read each word so that you fully understand the questions and possible multiple-choice answers.
  5. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help.
    Just like University College and the Julia N. Visor Academic Center, your teachers want you to succeed! Don’t be afraid to ask for help in a certain area or how to study for the final exam.

University College and the Julia N. Visor Academic Center have plenty of tips and resources to help you succeed at Illinois State University, and hopefully this article will help you succeed before you even get here! Good luck on finals #FutureRedbird, just keep focused and remember all of your study tips and tricks!