The following members of the Civil Service Council were elected to the executive board at the July meeting.

headshot of Bob Blythe

Bob Blythe

headshot of Amy Witzig

Amy Witzig

Bob Blythe of the Office of Energy Management was re-elected as president of the council. He is on his second term with the council, and this is his second term as president.

Amy Witzig of the Office of the Provost was elected vice-chair. She is also serving her second term on the council. She previously served the executive council as secretary.

headshot of Narry Kim

Narry Kim

headshot Hayley-Helpingstine

Hayley Helpingstine

Narry Kim of the Office of Presidential and Trustee Events was elected secretary of the council. Kim is serving her first term on the council, and was previously the OpenLine liaison.

Hayley Helpingstine of Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality was elected council treasurer. She is serving her first term on the council.

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