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October/November 2018 Years of Service

October 2018
30 Years
Dean Edward Plumadore, Stdt Affairs Information Technology, 10/30/1988

25 Years
Bertha Alicia Martinez, Janitorial, 10/26/1993
Kim Elaine Shennett, Graduate School, 10/04/1993

20 Years
Eric Daniel Ballard, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality, 10/05/1998
Samantha Lynn Melody, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality, 10/19/1998

10 Years
Isaac Thomas Akins, Thomas Metcalf School, 10/07/2008
Robert A. Harris, University Housing Services, 10/15/2008
Barry E. Wirtz, Building Maintenance, 10/27/2008

November 2018
25 Years
Florence A. Buchanon, Financial Aid Office, 11/16/1993

20 Years
Michael S. Canull, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality, 11/16/1998
Heather Leigh Marshall, Thomas Metcalf School, 11/23/1998
Bin Mudia Mudiadambo, University Housing Services, 11/09/1998
Gregory Scott Swank, Learning Spaces & AV Tech, 11/30/1998
Jack D. Wylie, Central Receiving, 11/23/1998

15 Years
Robert Thomas Dwyer, Registrar, 11/11/2003
Melissa Kay Harms-Jones, University Police Department, 11/17/2003

10 Years
Sara Suzanne Caldwell, Milner Library, 11/17/2008
James L. Drake, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality, 11/17/2008
Donald Lee Dunham, Building Maintenance, 11/24/2008
Susan E. Randle, Admissions, 11/17/2008
Andrew E. Sylvester, Building Maintenance, 11/17/2008
Amy Michelle Tellor, English, 11/24/2008