The Illinois State University Payroll Office is pleased to announce that active employees may elect to receive their Form W-2 and 1095-C statements online through iPeople Employee Self Service in an IRS approved PDF format. This allows you to print and send the online form with your tax return. Employees will not have to worry about their tax documents being lost in the mail.

For instructions on providing electronic consent, please refer to the following articles:

  • W-2/W-2c electronic consent
  • 1095-C electronic consent

Each year, a significant number of Form W-2s are returned to the Payroll Office due to incorrect addresses.  The University Payroll Office encourages all employees to maintain accurate addresses throughout the year.  However, as the 2018 calendar year concludes, it is especially important for tax purposes.

To easily confirm a mailing address, simply review it in the upper-left corner of the pay advice by logging into iPeople and selecting Self Service-Payroll & Compensation-View Paycheck.  Employees may make address changes by following the instructions posted online (  Changes should occur no later than January 2, 2019, to be included in the 2018 Form W-2 processing.

Although W-2s and Form 1095-Cs will be available online, a paper form will also be mailed by the Internal Revenue Service deadline of January 31, 2019.  Please note the Internal Revenue Service has extended the Form 1095-C deadline to March 4, 2019.

For certain foreign employees, the 2018 1042-S Forms (Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding) will be mailed by March 15, 2019, as required under Internal Revenue Service regulations.

The University Payroll Office home page will be updated with a notice when the forms are mailed.