A lot has changed, and yet stayed the same since the founding of Student Alumni Council (SAC) in 1979. Please save the date for the 40th anniversary reunion of Student Alumni Council happening in April 2020. Join current students and alumni for a weekend of memories and fun. To get everyone thinking about SAC, here’s what a few current SAC members and SAC alumni had to say about their time with the organization:

Julia Clemment ’13, past SAC president

group of people on parade float

One of Julie Clemment’s favorite memories was winning second place in the Homecoming Parade.

I joined SAC my freshman year back in 2008 and was a part of the group all five years that I attended Illinois State. I was lucky enough to be the SAC president for two of those years and loved every minute of it. My favorite memories include Homecoming week. It was the busiest, funnest week of the year. The best part was working on our great Homecoming float. I love the people I met and friends that I made. SAC also allowed me to meet so many different people from all over campus, so many of which I still keep in touch with today.

I currently live in Lisle and work in the admission and records office as a records evaluator at Triton College.

Four students smiling

Alyssa Cattaneo (far right) with fellow SAC members building the 2018 Homecoming Parade float

Alyssa Cattaneo, freshman, current SAC member

Growing up right here in Normal makes it pretty easy to be a Redbird fan. Attending sporting events, seeing the parades, and being surrounded by Redbird pride were all just a regular part of my childhood. That didn’t make my transition to Illinois State any easier though. Like any incoming freshman, I was nervous and worried about what was ahead. While attending Preview over the summer, Student Alumni Council was a group that always stood out to me. Long story short, joining SAC was the best decision I’ve ever made. Being a part of SAC and participating in Homecoming has allowed me to take pride in being a Redbird. SAC has played a big role in how thankful and excited I am to finally be a Redbird. I am proud to share that excitement with those around me.

Brianna Jacobs ’15, past SAC president

Two people smiling with dog

Former SAC president Brianna Jacobs ’15 with her fiance, Andres, and their dog, Leo.

My fondest memory of SAC would be Homecoming week! It was one of my favorite times of the school year for SAC because it truly brought us all together as a registered student organization (RSO). From kicking it off on Sunday with window painting, to bringing out our competitive side in Redbird Rumble, to seeing each other every night to build the float, it was always fun to hang out and enjoy each other’s company outside of the meetings! I held the positions of traditions chair, secretary, and president during my time with SAC.

I graduated with my bachelor’s in speech pathology in May 2015. I am currently living in Bloomington with my fiance, Andrés (who was also a SAC member), and our 1-year-old pitty, Leo. I am a full-time Illinois State graduate student, earning my master’s in speech pathology and planning our wedding for next September!

Girl with redbird mascot in front of big ISU letters

Megan Cain with Reggie at the 2018 Legacy Brunch.

Megan Cain, senior, current SAC president

SAC has served as my “home” on campus. This organization has been the best experience that I could have asked for at Illinois State. Gaining leadership experience as the historian, business liaison, and president of SAC has opened so many doors and opportunities. Over these past four years, SAC has remained as an intimate group of around 20 students. While that number remains small, we have a fantastic group of dedicated, outgoing, and determined students. In spring 2018, our group planned a SAC awards ceremony and trip to the Chicago alumni office, which consisted of fun, creative awards for each member of SAC and a fun day in the city. We even prepared and performed a song parody for our previous SAC advisor, Stephanie Duquenne.

After graduation, I plan to get involved with the alumni networks and attend the upcoming 40th anniversary reunion. I have loved working with the Alumni Engagement staff and our incredible alumni. In the future, I hope to participate in the Disney College Program, obtain a master’s degree, work for Illinois State, and return to Walt Disney World. SAC has given me all the tools necessary to achieve these career goals. I could not be more pleased and proud of the years I have spent as a member of SAC.