Illinois State student Natalie Troyer shares how gifts made to the Normal Editions Workshop Scholarship made an impact on her learning experience:

Normal Editions Workshop (NEW) is an invaluable experience. Working with Veda Rives Aukerman, master printer extraordinaire, I have learned so much. She is a wonderful artist and teacher. Collaborating with professional artists is a unique opportunity for any beginner. There is room for students’ exploration and development within printmaking. NEW exposes students to new ideas, techniques, and prospects one might not otherwise learn in a traditional classroom. I would encourage anyone interested in fine arts and entrepreneurship to visit NEW and check it out.

NEW gives insight into running a non-profit, collaborative print research and publishing workshop. By collaborating with artists, the shop is constantly working on projects varying in style and content. Innovative techniques emerge as artists discuss composition and aesthetic possibilities. This could mean using ink-doused glass shards for Matthew Day Perez or using impromptu background textures for Amy Cousins.

Receiving funding through the NEW Scholarship has helped me to afford studio fees, supplies, and workshops. My studio fees vary each semester based upon the class material list, but paper is the most expensive material I buy. Due to the process of printmaking, natural cotton or wood paper is required to withstand water and pressure to produce imagery. There are different printing techniques too. To further my understanding, I attended Frogman’s Print Workshop in Omaha, Nebraska, last summer. Because of the NEW Scholarships, exploration in materials and workshops are possible.

I am appreciative of the opportunities Normal Editions Workshop has to offer. The skills, experiences, and memories I have acquired are priceless.

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